Spring Experiment

The NOAA HWT Spring Experiment is a yearly experiment that investigates the use of convection-allowing model forecasts as guidance for the prediction of severe convective weather. A variety of model output is examined and evaluated daily during the experiment and experimental severe weather forecasts are created and verified. The variety of model output allows us to explore different types of guidance, including products derived from both ensembles and deterministic forecasts.

The 2010 Spring Experiment will be held from May 17th through June 18th in the HWT facility at the National Weather Center in Norman. The Experiment is scheduled to run Monday through Friday from 730am to 4pm. In addition to the traditional focus on severe convection, the 2010 Experiment will also explore use of convection-allowing models to address thunderstorm aviation impacts and for convective heavy rain forecasting. More information about this year's Experiment can be found below in the 2010 Spring Experiment Operations Plan.

Spring Experiment Guidance

Information and guidance products from the various models examined during the 2010 experiment are linked below.

Guidance Information
In-house Guidance Graphics
Operation Plans and Procedures
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