NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed (HWT)
2008 HWT Spring Experiment

HWT and EWP personnel working on the 2007 Spring Experiment
Researchers in the Hazardous Weather Testbed track storms with experimental tools during the 2007 Spring Experiment. (larger image)

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SPC/NSSL Operations Plan:

2008 HWT Spring Experiment Operations Plan pdf

SPC Pages:

SPC Home Page, SPC Forecast Tools

Links to Spring Experiment Model Forecasts:

CAPS 4km 10-Member Storm Scale Ensemble
CAPS 2km WRF-ARW On-Demand Forecasts

Evaluation Forms (Internal Links):

Human Forecasts Evaluation Form
4km NMM and ARW Evaluation: Part I, Reflectivity and QPF
4km ARW detailed Evaluation, Environment and Soundings: East Team
4km NMM detailed Evaluation, Environment and Soundings: West Team
4km NMM and ARW Evaluation: Part II, Summary Comparison
Evaluation of all Deterministic Models: Reflectivity and Data Assimilation
Comparing SSEF-based Derived Probabilities
Daily Wrap-Up Summary

Experimental Forecast Forms (Internal Links):

Experiment Product Generation - West Team Forecast
Experiment Product Generation - East Team Forecast
Display of Today's East and West Team Forecast Graphics

File Status:

Status of model grids being used in this year's experiment including availability of 4km WRF from EMC (NMM version), 3km WRF from NCAR (ARW version), 2km WRF from CAPS, and the 4km WRF (ARW) Storm Scale Ensemble Forecasts (SSEF, also provided by CAPS).

Select Evaluation Domain:

This web interface (Username and Password req'd) is used to select a center point that will be used to produce zoomed model and observed data evaluation graphics over the domain of interest for the day. These graphics are used to construct some of the loops below.

WRF Loops:

Comparative loops of 2km, 3km, and 4km WRF output, verifying NWS radar data, and SPC storm reports. (Updated daily during the experiment.)

WRF Sounding Verification:

WRF Sounding Verification, comparison of NSSL and EMC WRF model soundings with observed soundings. (Updated daily during the experiment.)


Comparative loops of 4km 10-member SSEF output, verifying NWS radar data, and SPC storm reports. This unique storm-scale WRF-based ensemble is provided by CAPS and will usually be updated on weekdays during the experiment.

SSEF Experimental Comparisons:

Comparative loops of experimental SSEF fields, verifying NWS radar data, and SPC storm reports. Experimental fields include 4-panel plots of probabilities and maximum values of particular severe weather fields, as well as the probability of linear mode convection.

00Z Data Assimilation Comparision:

Comparative loops of 4km SSEF Control Forecasts and 3km NCAR WRF, comparision of SSEF Control Forecasts with and without radar data from CAPS, the 3km WRF from NCAR, and verifying NWS radar data. (These loops use yesterday's centerpoint with today's 00Z runs through 12Z.)

4km NSSL and EMC Model Forecast Comparision:

Comparative loops of 4km NSSL WRF-ARW and EMC WRF-NMM Forecasts , comparision of 4km WRF-ARW forecasts generated by NSSL and 4km WRF-NMM forecasts generated by EMC, with verifying NWS radar data and objectively analyzed mesoanalysis surface fields from SPC.

Graphical Forecasts:

Experimental forecast graphics and links to model output for each forecast period.

Object-Oriented WRF Model Evaluation (NCAR):

DTC MET-MODE web page using the WRF Model Evaluation Tools, produced by the Research Applications Laboratory at NCAR.


Previous SPC/NSSL Spring Experiments: