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NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed

Spring Experiment

At the height of the spring severe weather season, the NOAA HWT hosts multiple experiments to evaluate the operational utility of new science, technology and products.

The Spring Experiments are a unique opportunity for researchers and forecasters to work side-by-side to evaluate emerging research concepts and tools and participate in experimental forecast and warning generation exercises. Forecasters have direct access to the latest research developments and scientists gain the knowledge to formulate research strategies that will have practical benefits. This collaborative approach ensures an effective, two-way path between research and operations which ultimately improves NWS forecasts and warnings.

NSSL, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) and the Norman National Weather Service Forecast Office lead the effort.

2015 Tales from the Testbed -- Webinar briefings on weekly Experimental Warning Program (EWP) activities: Week One · Week Two · Week Three · Week Four · Week Five

NEW! National Weather Association Webinar: Preliminary Findings and Results From the 2013 Spring Experiments

Spring Experiments are subdivided into forecast-related activities and warning-related activities.

2015 Forecast Program: May 4–June 5, 2015

Researchers and forecasters investigate the use of convection-allowing model forecasts of the atmosphere to improve predictions of hazardous and convective weather events. Each day during the project they examine and evaluate a variety of model output and create and verify experimental severe weather forecasts. Read more →

2015 EFP Participant Information

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2015 Warning Program

Researchers and forecasters evaluate the accuracy and the operational utility of new science, technology, and products in a testbed setting. Evaluators offer feedback for improvements prior to their potential implementation into NWS severe convective weather warning operations. Read more →

2015 EWP Participant Information

Past year summaries: 2012 · 2011 · 2010 · 2009 · 2008

NSSL Video: NOAA HWT Spring Experiment

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Watch it on the NOAA Weather Partners YouTube Channel.

Spring Experiment 2015 Photos